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Anikó Gergely: Culinaria Hungary

Jujj, hol a kép?

Vince Kiadó
320 pages
21 x 25,5 cm
5995 HUF

Salami, gulasch, pancakes, and many other delicacies - that’s what Hungarian cuisine is all about! From hearty stews, meat dishes, sweet pastries, and cakes to exquisite culinary delights, the cuisine of the republic on the Danube has something for everyone. The rich variety of Hungarian cuisine, however, did not just happen by accident. As a melting pot for various cultures, it combines in the most delicious way the culinary skills of Asiatic nomadic horsemen with the heights of western European cuisine. East and west meet in typical Hungarian delicacies; dishes which cannot conceal their Magyar, Turkish, or Balkan heritage, or which betray their Italian origins. The elegant, French-influenced, yet unmistakably Hungarian cuisine of the renowned Gundels restaurants will delight any connoisseur of gourmet food.
    The secret of Hungarian cuisine lies int he traditional preparation techniques, which allow the full flavor of the typical ingredients to develop.
    The author and photographers take the reader on a culinary and historical tour through the various regions with their tempting specialties. The reader will visit the sweeping plains of the puszta, also known as the larder of Hungary, the cosmopolitan city of Budapest on the Danube, and the beautiful landscapes of Transdanubia and Upper Hungary with sandy plains, mountains, valleys, and wild, romantic forests.
    Fascinating accounts describe the Hungarian winegrowing tradition, introduce Tokai, the king of wines, and tell the "fiery" story of paprika with its surprising variety of forms and colors. The reader can let the aroma of coffee, the Hungarian national drink inherited from the Turks, waft beneath the nose, or dive into the wealth of fish int he Hungarian "sea", Lake Balaton. Richly colored photographs invite the reader to take part in a Hungarian peasant wedding, an Easter or Christmas celebration meal, and to try the festive recipes for oneselt.

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